This blissful kids’ space is yours for the taking. We show you how…

Who else feels like keeping their kids’ playroom tidy is like nailing Jell-o to a wall? Ha! We’ve been there, trust us. With four kids between us, we’ve had days where we’re winning the decluttering battle and days where we want to scream into a pillow (don’t pretend you haven’t done this). One thing we’ve learnt over the years is: You. Need. A. System. Get the system right and the rest falls into place. We’re sharing our secrets below!

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MAKE IT PERSONAL. Our client’s four children range from one to eight years old. So we divided their activity and reading books into age-appropriate categories, and then store each category in acrylic magazine holders featuring each child’s name. It simplifies the process: they know exactly where to find their books, and they know exactly where to put them back (which, let’s face it is every parent’s goal 🙌🏻). We also gave each child a personalized storage container to hold their precious ‘works in progress’. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that kids LOVE anything with their name on it. So personalize away!

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SYSTEMS WITHIN SYSTEMS. This is a mistake lots of people make. They break things down into categories, then throw everything into one storage container. The result? A hot mess! Each of our white bins contains its own system. We love to throw in these organizers to keep smaller items in check.


MAKE A VISUAL STATEMENT. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: make it pretty! You’re more likely to keep it tidy if you love the way it looks. We stored colorful craft supplies in transparent jars (to make them extra-safe for the littlest kids, we opted for plastic jars, rather than glass). Not only does it make it easier to find/return them to the right place, but they look so inviting!

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LABEL EVERYTHING. Skip this stage at your peril. The goal is to train your kids to stick to the system. Note that every every white storage container is clearly labeled - there’s literally no excuse (ha, try telling that to a three year old but we can dream, right?!) HAVEN loves using decals for a polished look, but a chalkboard label does the trick just as well.

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CREATE ZONES. It’s important to consider the room as a whole before designing a system that works. We wanted to store all the messy art supplies in the two gorgeous cabinets. To make them function beautifully, we put everyday supplies within reach of little hands, and stocked the overflow in ‘Refill’ bins at the very top. To keep things looking super-stylish, we hid the ugly activity kits in the cupboards at the bottom. Then we maximized the space in the central island by stacking coloring pencils and crayons in drawer organizers, and leaving out the most-used crayons in the turntable. Voila! A stylish system that works for everyone. Now it’s your turn!


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