This serene space turns laundry into a lust-worthy task with a few simple tweaks

Is it just us or does it feel like laundry has become an elevated artform? With the rise of highly covetable and beautiful-packaged products (hello The Laundress), and the Marie Kondo-inspired craze of file folding (huge fans over here), dare we say laundry has gone luxe? Pay attention to this often-forgotten zone and turn a mundane task into something, well, slightly less mundane. We’re sharing our secrets below.

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MAKE A VISUAL STATEMENT. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: make it pretty! You’re more likely to feel the luxe in laundering if you love the way your space looks. We love mixing textures (think colored baskets for cloths, white labelled bins for unsightly detergents and open-weave baskets for pretty products you like on display).

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MAKE IT PERSONAL. Our client has three children and two dogs. The laundry room needed to service this family of seven. So we added dedicated storage for the dog treats, leashes and grooming. We rely heavily on these white containers (beautifully labelled of course!) to contain the less-than-pretty items we all have in our lives.


CATEGORIZE EVERYTHING. You know the drill. We mean pull everything out. Be ruthless. Create clear groupings. Then - and only then - organize. If you live in fear of running out (and own multiples of every product), consider employing a double-stacking system. The depth of this client’s cupboard allowed us to add additional containers with refills behind the ones you see on display. Just remember to check there first before buying any more!

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LABEL EVERYTHING. Skip this stage at your peril. We need the system to keep functioning beautifully for our clients long after we leave, and we cannot overstate the importance of labelling. HAVEN loves using decals for a polished look, but a chalkboard label does the trick just as well.

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INSPIRATION. Still need convincing that luxe laundry is actually a thing? Take a peek at HAVEN’s Pinterest laundry board for inspo. Warning: this is a time suck!


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