Founder of the uber-cool travel app, GLimpse Guides, Jordan Rhodes knows how to vacation in style. She shares her pro-tips below!

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Can you name your most magical spot?

I usually fall in love with every place I visit, and my idea of magical is getting to know an unfamiliar culture. From that perspective Haiti was a truly beautiful, eye-opening country, but if I were recommending a place that everyone would love, I would probably say the Amalfi Coast for the enchanting sunsets and leisurely indulgence. 

Still on your bucket list?

Every inch of the world! But hopefully I’ll get to see Morocco and Japan in the near future. 

Can you share your pro-packing tips?

I love packing cubes. Each of my three kids has their own color cubes so their clothes stay easily organized in suitcases and hotel rooms. At Glimpse Guides, we’re working on developing our own line of cubes this year which is really exciting. To avoid overpacking, I make a list of what the kids and I will wear each day. Then I pack the cubes starting with the last day so that Day One’s outfits are on top.

What are your top tips for staying sane when travelling with kid?

Loads - and I mean LOADS - of snacks and activity books (a well-fed kid is a happy kid). Car seats on airplanes for toddlers (so you can strap them in and they can easily fall asleep). And an open mind. Don’t make too many plans or be too scheduled - kids get exhausted more easily when traveling and you need to roll with it. 

What’s your signature travel look?

It depends where I’m going! My go-tos are Frame jeans, my Golden Goose’s sneakers, a button-down from Shirtini in Charleston or a white Cuyana t-shirt and Rick Owens blazer. Then I’ll add a Tom Ford tote and Mignonne Gavigan earrings for a pop of color. 

What are your go-to travel products?

I never leave without my de Mamiel altitude oil, a portable charging device, Goop Nerd Alert chewables (I don’t drink caffeine so just one half keeps me energized all afternoon), an energy essential oil by Umi, a hydrating lavender mist by ARCONA, Rimowa luggage, and our Glimpse app because I really love using the map to find nearby restaurants and activities. 

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