Find your happy!

This ‘Hunt for Happiness’ week, we share our mood-boosting tips to overhaul your mind, body and home. Prepare to feel awesome!

It seems fitting to kick off “Hunt for Happiness’ week with a deep dive into the world of decluttering. And we’re talking decluttering in the most holistic sense: head, home and body! It is no secret that the spaces we inhabit have a major impact on our mood and our relationships. Once your physical world is in order, you can more effectively tune into your internal world. So it’s time to integrate the approach. Here are HAVEN’S top tips to nourish your head, home and body!

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HEAD. January blues setting in? Time to spark some joy. We consider Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series mandatory viewing. Watch our favorite “Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” author showcase her transformative decluttering skills and help clients clear out the clutter and choose JOY. Serious de-clutter girl crush over here.


HEAD. There’s a reason Headspace has become the go-to meditation app for people across the world everyone from Bill Gates to Jessica Alba. Increased happiness, compassion and better health are just some of the core benefits of meditation. Headspace is meditation made simple, with a dizzying array of programs to choose from. We love the Balance meditation.


HOME: At Whole Foods three times a week? Pantry bursting at the seams but nothing to fix for dinner? We have three words for you: Menu Plan Mondays. Plan it out, write it down, let the kids input (if you dare). Believe us when we say: it’s life-changing. No more bad decisions. Take the guesswork out of the supper schedule. Not only will you save time in your week, you will buy less, and therefore clutter less. Hurrah! Want your very own HAVEN menu planner? Inquire here for details.


HOME: Time to detox that kitchen. We’re talking plastic (no more endocrine disrupting chemicals touching our food, pretty please). Here are three ways to limit plastic contamination and use:

(i) avoid BPA in anything that touches food. We love decanting everything into these glass jars

(ii) purchase food like cereal and grains from the bulk bins using a reusable container (serious $ savings here too #forthewin)

(iii) eat real whole foods - fresh foods equate to less packaging and less previous plastic contact. Let’s purge that plastic.


BODY. It is no secret that we are OBSESSED with the New York city-based wellness and lifestyle brand- SAKARA. The highly-Instagrammable packaging and celebrity endorsements aside SAKARA have nailed their product, delivering plant-based, nutrient-dense food that’s free from gluten, dairy, additives. We can testify their meals leaves you feeling nourished, cleaner and lighter. Want in on the action? HAVEN is THRILLED to offer our subscribers an exclusive SAKARA discount. Sign up for our free newsletter here and score all the HAVEN content as well as the SAKARA discount code. Enjoy!


BODY. Innerlight Wellness , an infrared sauna spot in Darien, is a recent discovery and we are sold! Using heat therapy to detoxify the body (an ancient healing technique) in a luxury day spa setting? Yes and yes! The theory behind it is that an invisible band in the spectrum of light, infrared sauna therapy has the unique ability to heat the body at lower temperatures than traditional saunas. The radiant light penetrates deeply and creates healing on a molecular level. Feeling the benefits of detoxing from the inside out already thanks to this fab local spot!


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