6 simple ways to save you time and space this holiday season. You’re welcome!


It is no secret that HAVEN loves a holiday. If the Container Store is our spiritual home then Williams Sonoma is our mecca for all things holiday décor. We never met décor in the shape of a pumpkin, turkey, reindeer, bunny, flag we didn’t love. That said, holiday décor = clutter, and clutter needs a system.


Create some space

If, like us, you have a healthy holiday décor habit you need to carve out a dedicated space to store your décor. The space need not be huge but it does need to be orderly, neat and functional. HAVEN’s got you covered.




Thanksgiving books in a pile with the Christmas Wreaths? Non-functioning bulbs still on that string of lights? Yup. We Know. Fight the urge to throw all your holiday décor in one box in a bid to be done with it. When that holiday comes around you may end up feeling frazzled not festive. Now is the time to edit out those décor items past their aesthetic sell by date, toss the broken baubles and replace non-functioning bulbs. Haven Hack: Use a flat piece of cardboard for storing strings of lights. By cutting slits into the ends of the card you can slip the ends of the wire through to keep it in place.

PastedGraphic-2 copy.jpg


Categorize your holidays

Re-categorize your freshly edited décor by holiday. Think like your filing cabinet. Create groupings. This visual will help you make the best storage choices whether you are repurposing or buying new.



Contain it

There is a treasure trove of décor storage out there. Be specific about your storage needs and you will keep the décor in-tact, accessible and orderly. With that in mind HAVEN loves these Archival ornament storage boxes and these Wreath Storage boxes.

image (2).png


Zone for gifting

Gifting is not reserved for the holidays. ESPECIALLY, if you have kids in the house with an active birthday party schedule. Designate a gifting zone for all occasion gifting. At HAVEN HQ we like to stock up on a bulk amount of wrapped, age-appropriate gifts at the beginning of the school year. Haven’s go-to places for gifting are: Maisonette for cute toys; Meri Meri for girly gifts; and Diane’s for a fabulous selection and beautifully wrapped books.


Label, label, label

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Labelling will allow you to find your desired décor instantly and instill discipline when it’s time to put that décor back. We love these labels and these paint pens.

image (1).png

Haven’s holiday wishlist


Now your holiday prep is sorted (#fistbump) you may find some extra space to fill. Here are a few of our current favorite décor picks.


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