The School Years

In 1996 we meet at high school in Kent, England. It’s BFFs at first sight. The friendship endures despite being separated at university and studying abroad (Jennifer: Amsterdam, Corrie: Florence).


The London Years

Jennifer is an in-house lawyer at Burberry (great perks). Corrie is a fashion journalist at Harpers Bazaar, and later Glamour (also great perks). We marry within a month of each other, then move five minutes apart. We hone our nerdy organizational skills in a variety of living spaces and swiftly develop a shared brand of stylish tricks and storage hacks.


The International Moves

2012: Jennifer moves to New York and becomes a glossy Manhattanite. Corrie moves to LA and ditches the heels for Converse. Two years later, Corrie returns to London and Jennifer moves to the Greenwich ‘burbs. The constant moves teach us the value of streamlining our homes. And we learn how a space that looks and feels beautiful is more likely to stay that way. Eighteen months later, the stars align and Corrie moves to Greenwich. Reunited at last!


The Epiphany

Fast forward to 2018. Twenty two years of friendship, thirteen moves and four kids later, we realise that while our homes have changed our philosophy hasn’t. To transform a home into a haven you need to work from the inside out. By focusing on the lining of your home – it’s cupboards and closets, shelves and storage – you lay the groundwork that allows your overlooked spaces to shine.


Haven is born

We believe everyone deserves a place to recharge, retreat and relax. Which is where we come in. By redefining the way you organize, we’ll transform your home, the Haven way. So consider us your home’s juice cleanse, 12-hour sleep and reset button rolled into one. We look forward to working with you!


The founders

Sept2018MaisonHaven-206 copy.jpg

Corrie Jackson

From: UK
Lived in: London, Florence, Los Angeles
Currently resides: Greenwich, CT
Kids’ names: Arthur Edward and Evelyn Lane
Signature daytime look: Cropped jeans, Breton stripe, Lanvin sneakers 
Career highlight: a decade at magazine heavyweights: Harpers Bazaar, Grazia and Glamour 
Deco style: Glam mid-century modern
#1 organizing tip: Make it look pretty. If that junk drawer looks gorgeous, you’re more likely to keep it that way
Most surprising thing about me: I’m also a published crime author
Guilty pleasure: swearing (you can take the girl out of London...)
Pet peeve: slow drivers (ditto)

Sept2018MaisonHaven-178 copy.jpg

Jennifer Bakker

From: Born in the US, raised in the UK
Lived in: London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam
Currently resides: Greenwich, CT
Kids’ names: Maximillian Bastiaan and Sebastian Xander
Signature daytime look: Blazer, Blazer, Blazer
Career highlight: Negotiating A-list talent contracts for Burberry 
Deco style: Classic with a modern twist
#1 organizing tip: Write it down. If it’s on paper, it’s happening
Most surprising thing about me: I went to college with Prince Wills ‘n Kate.
Guilty pleasure: Red wine and roaring fires 
Pet peeve:  Slow walkers


What we believe in


The power of a
perfect pantry


Stripes are a neutral (and
so is leopard print)


Keep your heels, head
and standards high


Life is more than
one big to-do list


Margaritas are always
the answer


There is beauty
in simplicity


Disco naps


When all else fails,
color-code something



Redefine the way you organize


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