5 New Year's resolutions for your home

Start 2019 as you mean to go on: clutter-free and in control. Even easier if you follow our step-by-step guide!

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How many times have you kicked off the year determined to whip your home into shape, only to find things sliding back to normal by February? We hear you. Living an organized life can feel like a lofty goal, but it’s 100% achievable with the right system in place. The key is to identify your organizing style and build a system around it. Break it down into manageable goals. Rather than ‘I want to organize my house’, which feels vague and unwieldy, switch it to: ‘I will create a system that makes my pantry work’. Or ‘I will create the space my entryway needs to function’. Take it a room at a time. Make it specific. Give yourself a fighting chance to stick to the system. Read on to discover the five resolutions that will overhaul any space, and transform it for good. Let’s do this!


I vow to….create space

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Skip this step at your peril. Take one room at a time and make a ruthless choice to trash/donate/consign all the things you don't need. Some people advise starting small with an easy-to-tackle spot in your room. We say: go big or go home. Nothing will give you a greater sense of achievement than overhauling your most lived-in area. Once you’ve nailed the kitchen - or playroom, or whichever space makes you scream - the rest of the house will seem like small fry. Don’t believe us? Fun fact: look at the photograph above. Our client was struggling to part with her excess clothes, so we pulled out a third of her closet and photographed what was left. She was blown away by how much better her closet looked. Not only was there space for her clothes to breathe, it was much easier to create outfits because everything was visible. She vowed to adopt the ‘one in one out’ rule and remove one item from her wardrobe any time she was adding to it. Remember, sometimes you need a visual kickstart. Also remember: space is your friend.


I vow to…transform my entryway

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There’s a reason we spend time getting clients’ entry points right. The way you enter your home sets the tone for the rest of the house. If your entryway is a car-crash of coats, shoes, bags and other paraphernalia, then shoot this zone to the top of your to-do list. Design a drop zone that works for you. Short on space? Your system could be as simple as a standalone coat rack or hooks behind a door. Got drawers? Invest in some dividers. Finally, adopt our ‘60-second rule’. When you arrive home, spend 60 seconds putting things in their place. Not only does it clear your head but it makes it easier to leave the house, too.


I vow to…make the effort

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Yes, we’ll share our decluttering secrets, cheerlead the hell out of you, and help you design a system that works. But maintaining your system? That’s up to you. Be honest with yourself. If you truly want a home that works hard - a home that looks and feel great - then repeat after us: I will make the effort. There are no shortcuts. Once the system is in place, STICK TO IT. Did you know that 80% of cleaning is picking stuff up and putting it away? Utter madness. Tidy a room before you leave it. Return items to their place. Don’t leave a mess to fester. Get into the habit of doing it as you go along. Trust us, the pay-off is worth it.


I vow to…live smart

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Organizing your home shouldn’t break the bank. Tweak your mindset with these steps…

  • I will use what I have. Finish the last inch of toothpaste, the last drops of olive oil, the last roll of kitchen paper. Don’t buy multiples of things. You’ll waste less, consume less, and bring less clutter into your home.

  • I will adopt the one-in-one-out rule. Make a pact with yourself to donate/consign an item each time you buy something new. This will be EXCRUCIATING in the beginning. But once the habit is formed, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Keep a container handy in each zone for items to purge. Then do it (this is very important).

  • I will Shop My Home. Anything can be used to contain your things. At HAVEN we love to think outside the (storage) box. We’ve used everything from vintage hampers to upcycled shoe boxes. Look for things that can be repurposed. Take the bar cart in the photo above. With a few simple tweaks we transformed it into bathroom storage. We used a cake stand to corral beauty products, acrylic magazine holders for hair tools, and an old cookie jar for nail polish. It doesn’t have to be expensive to work.


I vow to…make it pretty

home organizer greenwich new york connecticut kitchen cupboard fridge declutter organize organizing

One of our best-kept secrets? We make a visual statement with the way we organize. We color-code. We use stylish storage. We go the extra mile. Why? There are real psychological benefits to maintaining this kind of visual order. Dr. Sally Augustin, PhD, an environmental psychologist says it’s possible that an organized and visually stimulating space can make its owner feel calmer and less stressed. She says: “Bring the complexity in your refrigerator down to a moderate level, and when you open the door, you would have a positive response.” That positive response means you’re more likely to keep it that way. Amen to that!

Haven’s 2019 toolkit


Hit the ground running with HAVEN’s hardest-working products…

No drawer should be without one…

No drawer should be without one…

We use them in every room!

We use them in every room!

These hangers will maximize the space in your closet or entryway.

These hangers will maximize the space in your closet or entryway.

Label everything (and we mean everything). We love these stick-on chalk labels.

Label everything (and we mean everything). We love these stick-on chalk labels.

Smudge-proof and idiot-proof! Write on labels or directly onto the container.

Smudge-proof and idiot-proof! Write on labels or directly onto the container.


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Shop Haven’s new-season style picks and storage hacks. Trust us, your wardrobe will thank you for it!


As we write it’s a bright, chilly morning in Greenwich, CT – and it’s about time. The fashion industry may have been showcasing new-season trends since early September, but who wants to stash their summer clothes or shop for chunky knits when it’s 70 degrees outside? A shift in season combines our two favorite things: fashion and organizing. Shop our favorites right off the page (there’s something for every budget!), then read on to discover the best ways to work them into your closet.

Before you start…

Already swapped out your summer clothes for winter? Skip to the next step (and pat yourself on the back for being so damn organized).

If you haven’t, set aside a few hours to review your closet. It sounds obvious but make sure you wash or dry-clean the items you’re storing (no one wants to unpack musty clothes in spring). Stash them in under-bed containers or transparent bins, and carefully label each one.

Now, onto your winter wardrobe. Fun fact: the average person wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Which means you probably have waaaay too many clothes. Before placing each item in your closet take a moment to reassess. We always follow the 3F rule.


Does each item:


If not, either schedule an appointment with a tailor, or donate/consign.


Life’s too short for clothes that make you feel anything other than your best self.



Can you create at least three looks with this item? While this rule doesn’t apply to your closet’s standout items (like cocktail dresses), you don’t want a wardrobe full of one-hit wonders.


If you’re struggling to part with certain items, we recommend the hanger test. Turn all the metal-hook part of your hangers to face you. Each time you wear an item, turn the hook to face the other way. After a month, check in to see how many hangers are still facing the original direction. Those are the clothes you need to have a long, hard think about.

Done? Great! Let’s crack on with HAVEN’s winter picks…


Floral maxi dress

The lowdown


This season the runways were in full bloom! So, it’s official: you don’t have to live in pants all winter long. A great maxi-dress is so versatile. Wear with heels or long boots for a polished look, or with sneakers and a belted cardigan for a low-key take. The higher your budget the more luxe the fabric (think silk and velvet). But knock-off versions are gorgeous, too, if you know where to look.

Oscar de la Renta (photo credit:

HAVEN hack

You’ll need to maximize the space in your closet. Use our favorite huggable hangers to create extra room. Depending on the fabric, you might get away with folding the dress in half and draping over the hanger. We also recommend keeping a portable steamer handy to iron out any creases.

Shop the look



Veronica Beard, $795



Zara $69.90


Belt bag

The lowdown


An unexpected addition but bear with us. A belt bag instantly updates any look. If you tire of wearing it around your waist, sling it over your head and voila! A mini cross-body bag. Two for the price of one (we told you to bear with us!)

Givenchy (photo credit


HAVEN hack

We love to make a visual statement with bags: not only does it pretty up a closet, but you’re far more likely to use what you can see. Shelf dividers keep smaller bags, like satchels and clutches, neatly lined up (pad them out with a dustbag or a bag shaper. HAVEN also loves accessory hooks . Clip them to your hanging rail for an easy, space-saving way to store bags (plus they’re great for belts, scarves and umbrellas, too).


Shop the look



Yves Saint Laurent, $950



Madewell, $60


Knee length boots

The lowdown


Straight or slouchy, classic or animal print, over pants or under a dress, a tall boot elevates any look. Our go-to? The block heel. It’s stylish and comfortable. Trust us when we say you’ll wear them forever.

Chanel (photo:


HAVEN hack

Depending on closet space we highly recommend these space-saving boot stackers. They keep tall boots in shape and prevent them wobbling over (our major bugbear – yes, the struggle is real). Also allow us to introduce you to cedar blocks – slot them into boots to keep them fresh and mildew-free.


Shop the look



Altuzurra, $1495



Statement jewelry

The lowdown


Easily the quickest way to update your winter wardrobe. Chunky, sculptural accessories add a fresh take to any winter look. Wear either alone or layered with your favorite pieces.

Chloe (photo credit:


HAVEN hack

While we love necklaces, we loathe untangling them. Save yourself the hassle and invest in some good storage. We are huge fans of customizable Stackers jewelry trays. But if you’re short on surface space, go for a hanging option. And keep a jewelry polishing cloth nearby to buff up your bling.


Shop the look:



Chloe, $550



Baublebar, $22


The new knit

The lowdown


The boy-meets-girl vibe dominated the fall/winter runways. Think feminine dresses
teamed with chunky fair isle sweaters (Erdem) and baggy grey knits sprinkled with rhinestone (Christopher Kane). At Tory Burch, a graphic knit and floral combo proved a major hit with the front row.

Tory Burch (photo


HAVEN hack

First, decide whether you’re Team Hang or Team Fold. If you’re the former, make sure you have the right hanger. Go for either padded or wooden and use our trick: fold the sweater in half lengthwise, position the hanger so the hook is facing the armpit then fold over the sides. You should end up with a perfectly hung sweater. If you have the space to fold (and we suggest no more than five sweaters in each pile otherwise they start to topple), a folding board is your new best friend. And we always stash a fabric defuzzer in the closet to take care of any pilling knitwear.


Shop the look



Vince, $385



Zara, $49.90

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